Friday, January 20, 2023      Daily Announcements


Chess practice Thursday after school.


The only students allowed to park at the old gym are the senior high football players.  Everyone else needs to park in the main parking area at the new gym or in the chat parking lot.  Students should not be parking on the side of the new gym or in the middle gym parking areas.


Homecoming spirit week will begin on Wednesday, January 25th. Homecoming spirit days are Wednesday: Little Miss Day, Thursday: College Day, Friday: Bikers vs Surfers, Monday: PJ Day, Tuesday: Mohawk Spirit Day.  See a Sr. High cheerleader for more details.


ML FBLA members will be testing on Wednesday, January 25th during 3rd and 7th periods. A list will be sent out to teachers who have students testing during their class periods. Please do not count them absent during this time. Students may also be late to their 4th or 8th period classes if their tests run long. Please do not count them tardy.


If you are interested in a knitting club, there is a sign-up sheet in the main office.


Girls interested in the AMMC Foundation Benefit Beauty Pageant @ GCT see Mrs. Amber for application.  Deadline is February 1st @ noon.


If you are interested in a virtual ACT prep class see Mrs. Amber.  It will be February 7, 9:30 - 3:00.



Civics Testing schedule:

Monday 1/23 1st hour:  Adam Fuller, Ryleigh Lathem, Chloe Sexton

Monday 1/23 2nd hour:  Grace Hooten, Josh Redd, Cody Thompson

Monday 1/23 3rd hour:  MaKenzie Grider, Colton  Higgins, Brandon Potts

Monday 1/23 4th hour:  Nate Brantley, Jason Jeffries, Connor Jordan, Emma Langley,

                                     Emma Morrisett

Tuesday, 1/24 4th hour:  Austin Seal, Shawn-Hudson Seegraves, Jake Smart, Chris Price

Tuesday, 1/24 5th hour:  Anna Haley, Becky Due, Paige Morgan



Scholarship Info:

*American Legion Coudret Trust  and Garner Trust Scholarships – see Mrs. Amber for application.  Must be a child, grandchild, or great grandchild of American Legionnaires.  Applications must be received back to dept headquarters by March 10, 2023

*C. B. Garrison Scholaship – for seniors who are son/daughter of AAEA members.  See Mrs. Amber for application.  Deadline is April 7, 2023

* The College of Education and Behavioral Science at Arkansas State University is pleased to offer a performance-based scholarship to three incoming Fall 2023 freshmen who have declared one of the following majors, 

  • Teacher Education
    • Elementary Education
    • Middle Level Education
  • Psychology and Counseling,
    • Psychology, B.S.
  • Health, Physical Education, and Sport Sciences  
    • Exercise Science
    • Physical Education
    • Sport Management

See Mrs. Amber for link to application.  Deadline April 1st2023





This Week in SPORTS:


Mohawk and Lady Mohawk Basketball season is upon us!  Please remember the following rules to ensure we have some good nights on the court and in the stands:


1)  Doors will not open for the games until 45 minutes prior to the first game.  For example, if the first game starts at 5:00pm, the doors will not open until 4:15pm.   If you stay after school, you must remain outside the buildings until the doors open.

2)  All Piggott High School Students have free admission; however if you leave the gym you must leave campus.  Students are not to hang out in the parking lot or under the portico during the games.  We are here to cheer on the Mohawks!

3)  Keep all cheers positive and directed to our teams, any derogatory remarks toward visiting teams, players, or officials will not be tolerated.  You will be asked to leave.

4)  No outside food or drinks are allowed inside the lobby or gym area.  Finish those items before entering.

5)  Only players and coaches need to be on the gym floor.  Please stay off the court.

6)  Only basketball players are to be in the Middle Gym during basketball games to change clothes before and after games.  No other students will be allowed down the hallway during basketball games.



We will give a “super fan” award at every home game.  You can win a drink and candy bar and you name will be entered for a grand prize at the end of the year.



Congratulations to the Sr. High Boys' basketball team for defeating Winona.

The Sr. High Boys will play Corning at 6:30 Saturday for the championship

The Sr. High Girls will play Corning at 5:15 Saturday for the championship

Congratulations to Emma Langley and Alyssa Manor for being named Player of the Game for the last two tournament games

Congratulations to Joe Carpenter and Shawn-Hudson Seegraves for being named Player of the Game for the last two tournament games.



Girls BB: 1/23 @ Manila, 1/26 Harrisburg (H)

Boys BB:   1/24 Manila (H), 1/27 @ Harrisburg