Back to School  is quickly approaching!

Announcements 8-9-21

OPEN HOUSE-  Thursday, August 12, 2021 from 3p.m. to 7 p.m.  ALL high school students and parents must go to the high school cafeteria.  Class Schedules and Campus Maps(for 7th grade and new students) may be picked up at this time.  Teachers will be in their classrooms if you would like to meet them and students may find lockers, etc. 

School will be starting soon!  The first day of the 2021-22 School Year will be on Wednesday, August 18.  The first bell for high school will ring at 7:55.  We will be meeting in the PHS New Gym at that time.  Principal Seegraves will be discussing new issues and introducing new faculty.  We will then meet with our CAPS advisors to get class schedules.  If you attend Open House on Thursday, August 12, you will get a class schedule but some changes may still be made.  

Bell Schedule 2021-22
7:55 First Bell
1st Period 8:00 8:45
2nd Period 8:50 9:35
3rd Period 9:40 10:25
4th Period 10:30 11:15
1st Lunch 7th/8th 11:20-11:50
5th Period 9th-12th 11:20 12:05
2nd Lunch 9th-12th 12:10-12:40
5th Period 7th/8th 11:55 12:40
6th Period 12:45 1:30
7th Period 1:35 2:20
8th Period 2:25 3:10