First Semester

July 31st * First Day for Teachers
August 14th First Day with Students
September 4th Labor Day Holiday
October 11th End Of 1st Quarter (42 Days)
October 12th 2nd Quarter Starts
October 17th and 19th Dismiss At 2:15
PTC 2:30 - 5:30
October 20th Off
November 20-24th Thanksgiving Break
December 14-15th Semester Tests Dismiss At 2:15
December 15th End Of 2nd Quarter (41days)
December 18-January 2nd Christmas Break
Total 1st Semester = 83 Days

Second Semester

January 3rd  2nd Semester Begins
February 19th Off - President’s Day
March 7th End Of 3rd Quarter (45 Days)
March 8th 4th Quarter Starts
March ** Dismiss At 2:15
PTC 2:30 - 5:30
March 19-23rd Spring Break
April 2nd  Easter - Monday Off
May 23rd – 24th  Semester Tests Dismiss At 2:15
May 24th Last Day for Students
End Of 4th Quarter (50days)
Total 2nd Semester = 95 Days

Students-178 Days
Teachers-190 Days

Snow days are as follows: If we have any snow days before Christmas, we will make up first day on January 2nd. The second day missed will be on December 18th, and the third day missed will be made up on December 19th. After Christmas the snow days will be as follows: 1st day missed Feb 19th, Second day missed May 25th, and any other days tacked on to the end of the year. *The first day to report will be August 3rd. Teachers will be responsible for getting 3 days during the summer on their own. ** Staff and parents will be surveyed at the Fall Parent Teacher Conferences as to preferences then spring conference will be set at that time.